Pather Youth Athletics expects its athletes to conduct themselves with pride, dignity and good character.  As a member of the PYA sports team, I understand that my conduct at practice, games, and road trips represent the organization.  I must maintain proper discipline and not engage in conduct that is negative to PYA or myself.

I also understand that if I violate any of the following rules, I may be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by PYA administration.  Disciplinary actions may include loss of playing time, immediate suspension for further review of dismissal from the program which could incur a loss of any dues or fees that have already been paid.

Athletes are expected to:

  1. Arrive at practices and games in a timely manner and be prepared to perform at an optimal level.  Proper rest, appropriate clothing and a positive attitude is necessary to do well. 

  2. Be a good citizen and follow the rules.  You not only need to follow the rules of the game; but game sites and practice facilities all have rules, and we expect you to obey the.  These sites also pose potential dangers, and good behavior will help assure your safety, and the safety of your teammates.

  3. Always be a team player.  We must always act as a team and not like a group of individuals.  Great teams trust each other, respect one another and build each other up.

  4. Exhibit good sportsmanship.  Be positive.  Be supportive.  Be kind.  Recognize and acknowledge good performances made by both teams.  Negative comments about players or coaches; whether they are on your team or not; will not be tolerated.

  5. Show respect for the opponents in every way possible.  Maintain humility in victory and graciousness in defeat.

  6. Respect all officials and accept their decisions.

  7. Never participate or encourage behavior that is a physical or verbal intimidation of another individual.

  8. Work hard and be competitive.  Your goal is not to beat somebody else but to be better than what you used to be.  Winning the game will take care of itself.  All teams want to win, and we are no different.  However, we believe that success is measured by more than winning percentages and statistics.

  9. Have fun.  Competitive sports can produce frustrating situations but you have to understand that it is a game that you are supposed to enjoy.  Use these difficult situations as a learning experience, not as a time to complain, make excuses or put you in a bad mood.  Rise above the negative and have a good time.